My best academic experience

Just like the title, I would write about my best academic experience that I had during my life. Well, I had a lot of classes until today, which were very interesting and helped my studies. Still, my most interesting class that I had was the world history classes that I’m taking at this semester. Our teacher is teaching us about the general history of the world, which helps me to know about the general  history of the planet. Before, I was not bright at history, especially in world history, and when I was learning world history last year, I only knew them by parts but not as a whole. However this year, I was able to get a taste of the flow for each century that the world shared. I saw it very important since the countries didn’t exist alone but coexisted with the other neighbor countries. They made some kind of relationship with each other to strengthen their own nation, which made the history that I am learning now. I hope all people will know the importance of historical education and learn history of the whole world.


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